Thoughtful Friday: Mobiles Phones


On a Friday I’m going to write about something that’s made me thoughtful during the week.  This weeks thoughts were about mobile phones and have they made us inherently selfish? So here’s my short ramble.

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The road we live on leads to a fairly major roundabout.  In the morning it gets super busy with heavy traffic, so it’s sometimes a challenge to get out.  The tactic is to slide into a gap as the traffic moves around.  On the very odd occasion you get someone who is flying around at about 70 million miles an hour and refuses to lift off the accelerator ever so slightly.  This results in them leaning on their car horn.  It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it’s always an Audi driver.  Calm down, that was a joke.  Sort of.

Firstly a disclaimer, I am a nice person, no really I am!  I am also a busy Mum of 5, 2 of which are teenagers and one is a pre-teen.  I’m also probably a bit peri-menopausal.  Throw that all into a pot, and sometimes it bubbles over.  So when this lady leant on her horn yesterday the red mist descended.  So I leant on my horn right back at her.  This resulted in her quite literally going ballistic in her car, waving her arms around and very obviously shouting at me.  Not that I could hear her, but she was proper going for it.  She put her foot down so that she could deliberately pull up beside me to give me a piece of her mind, albeit her silent mind being in two different cars it’s kind of hard to hear people shouting.  I cupped my ear to signal to her that I couldn’t hear her, but for some reason this seemed to make her even madder.  In the end I gave her the international sign of peace and love, only with 1 finger and the wrong way round!  My bad, must work on that!

That incident stayed with me all day.  It wasn’t quite the start to the day I would have liked, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the start to her day that she would have liked, I hadn’t set a good example to my children and it was completely avoidable.  If she had just lifted off, shown a little consideration it wouldn’t have happened.  Some would say if I’d have waited, but the gap was plenty big enough I can assure you.  It got me thinking about just how selfish our world has become and why it has.

The more I thought about it, the more I started to blame mobile phones.  We are all walking around these days, heads down not paying any attention to the outside world.  We hear a beep on our phone and it’s almost impossible to ignore.  It’s like a drug, we have to see what the notification is.  Just recently I’ve started to really try to cut down on using my phone, and shock horror I have even left it at home a few times recently.  I have to admit it’s not really my phone I’m addicted to, my drug of choice is my laptop.

Increasingly we read articles about how children are starting school barely able to speak or in some cases potty trained, is that because Mums these days are all too busy looking at their phones?  It’s an uncomfortable question we have to ask ourselves.  We have people killing other people in completely avoidable car crashes because they couldn’t resist looking at their phone.  We are just so completely oblivious when we are looking at our phone, and it’s a sad state of affairs.

This explosion in technology has been hugely beneficial to areas such as healthcare, but has it been beneficial to us as a human race? I know it’s a huge leap but I’m going to say no.  I think our personal technology has made us selfish, inward looking, greedy, complacent and entitled.  I think it’s time we all put our mobile telephones down and had a good look at the world around us. That we looked at each other and appreciated just how bloody marvellous life is.  We might also start being a bit nicer to each other!





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