The Best 80’s Films Ever!

favourite 80's films

The inspiration for this blog post came when myself and my friends were deep in gin. 

Myself and my friends were out celebrating my birthday last week, when we started to talk about the Top Gun remake.  Which obviously lead to us remembering just how utterly gorgeous Tom Cruise looked in that film.  Middle-aged women eh?!!

One thing lead to another and we started to list our favourite 80’s films.  So I thought I’d pop them into a blog to share with the world.  Ok not quite the world, but the 10 of you who read my blog! Of course not everyone will agree, these are our favourites but please do join the discussion.  If you need a little prompting have a look at this article on Empire Online, which lists 80 top 80s films.

I’m kicking off with one of my utter faves.  St Elmo’s Fire.  What can I say about this film, other than I absolutely love it.  The music, the story and of course the very young and very beautiful Rob Lowe.  I haven’t seen it for a while so I may well disappear with chocolate and my laptop and leave this post till tomorrow!

st elmos fire rob lowe

Then we have the obligatory Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Weird Science and Back To The Future.  The next film was one of my first cinema experiences without my parents being present.  In fact we went with the school.  Being an anxious and quiet child, I remember worrying that it would be complete anarchy in the cinema.  However, as soon as Ghostbusters started there wasn’t a peep out of any of the kids.

ET was the first film to utterly break my heart. To this day, if ET is on the television,  I remove myself from the room when ET and Elliot become unwell.  Otherwise it’s full on ugly crying time! Steel Magnolias made me desperately want a little girl called Shelby.  Probably why I ended up with 5 boys, no girl should be cursed with that name!

My brothers absolutely loved Short Circuit, it took me well into adulthood to truly appreciate the film.  Other totally seminal films that made us what to go on exciting adventures were Stand By Me and The Goonies. I mean admit it, who didn’t make a little bag of sandwiches and cycle off into the distance with your friends hoping to come across a dead body?  No…really?  Just me then….

I remember the first time I watched Beetlejuice.  I was terrified, not because of the film but because I hated, and still do, horror films.  I actually loved it, but I’ll still won’t watch it in the dark and on my own! The Lost Boys left me confused.  Not by the plot but I couldn’t decide who I fancied more, David or Michael!!  Other films that had me hooked during this time were Adventures In Babysitting, The Burbs and of course Some Kind of Wonderful.  By the time this film came out in 1987, I was starting to concoct my own perfect 80s love story in my head.  Suffice to say, I’m still waiting for that one to play out!

beetlejuice 80's film

I don’t know about you, but if someone is slightly grumpy, I often say “ooh did you get fed after midnight?”  Of course this comes from The Gremlins, which is absolutely timeless and my boys still enjoy this film some 34 years later.  Ok probably shouldn’t have worked that out, feel like I need to go and lie down now!  Anyway moving on…Heathers and Footloose were must watch for the girls.  I must admit these films kind of passed me by,  I think I was in my tomboy phase and preferred Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica! Perhaps I should have been watching Die Hard as well!

One film that did not pass me by, in fact probably has passed absolutely no one by since is Dirty Dancing.  Where can you even start with this film?  This was the film where my romantic notions went absolutely mental, especially at the line “and most of all I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you.” Urgh…I’m dead!

Finally let’s  not forget Coming to America and Labrinth.  Two very different films but both building the foundations for their respective genres for many years to come.

These were our gin soaked favourites, what were yours?


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