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So to stay true to the name of this blog, today we are doing beauty.  What a mish mash it’s been this last few weeks!  Today we are talking dark circles and how to correct and cover them, with Pixi Correction Concentrate.

I have congential dark circles, I also take medication for asthma and I suffer with intermittent insomnia.  So a majority of the time I look like I have been punched in the face by Mike Tyson! I was getting really fed up with people telling me I looked tired constantly so I needed some heavy duty help!

The other problem I have is that I also suffer with really dry skin, and so if I just put lots of concealer on it looks caked and ages me 20 years.  Which isn’t quite the look I was going for.  So I turned to trusty You Tube to see what people were recommending.  I noticed that a lot of people who suffer with dark circles were using correctors, rather than a lot of concealer.  So after doing a bit of research and taking the bank manager into consideration I settled on Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach.

First of all a bit of a rant.  Anyone who follows my Instastories will remember seeing me have a mini rant about this a few months ago.  The packaging was a little bit excessive.  The pot itself is a little larger than an old fashioned 50p.  The box it came in was the size of a shoe box.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m no raging environmentalist, but eeek that was a lot of packaging for such a little pot. Oh and by the way, I’ve given this a good try, hence the pot looking like it’s been attacked by something!

pixi correction concentrate - dark circles - coverage

And now for the product.  My initial thoughts were that that was a little dry for the under eye area.  I still kind of think that, but the key is to make sure you really moisturise your under eye area so that it’s nice and hydrated.  You only need a small amount for good coverage. It doesn’t eliminate my circles completely, but they look about 80% reduced.  I certainly don’t get the “oh you look tired” comments quite so much!

I set it with some loose powder and the wear on it is really good.  It does crease a little, especially if I’ve have become warm myself, but on the whole I can usually get a good 6/7 hours before it starts to look patchy and wear off.  The other thing to consider is the concealer you pair it up with.  Some concealers I’ve used have really reduced the performance of it and left me feeling disappointed.

pixi correction concentrate - dark circles

So all in all, if you have dark circles like me, this is a brilliant product!  It’s priced at a midpoint of £14.00 and is available from the Pixi website.  You can also get it at (affiliate link) Amazon.



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