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This year one of my goals is to finally get a manuscript out and about.

I have always loved writing, and in particular romance.  I don’t have a particularly analytical brain so murder/mystery is a bit out of my remit, although I can do a good fantasy as well.  But I love writing romance.  My writing journey started long before I ever even wrote a blog post.

In fact my journey started at primary school.  I learnt to read very quickly, and pretty much before I’d left infants I’d read most of the school books.  I was also a member of the local library, and at that time you were limited to the amount of books you could get out.  I don’t remember the exact ages but I know that you were only allowed three books until a certain age and then it went up to four and then five.  One of the librarians was also a locum teacher and we had her quite often.  So because she was aware of my reading ability, I was allowed to take out five books much sooner than I would have been otherwise. I would fly through these books.  I’d get five out saturday morning and I’d be returning the next saturday to get five more.

I consumed books at a rapid rate of knots.  In fact when my grandmother moved locally, and who was also an avid reader we ran into problems.  I’d started to put my initials MF in the back of books so I knew which ones I’d read, and unbeknown to me so had my grandmother who had the same initials.  One day I was complaining bitterly about the fact I’d found my initials in the back of a book I had not read, and she admitted that it may be her because she had suffered the same fate.  So we resolved to mark the books in different ways in the future.

In what is now Year 5, my teacher encouraged me to enter a schools competition for creative writing.  At that time I was very quiet, wouldn’t say boo to a goose and painfully shy.  Although I was more than happy to stand in front of the whole school and read on a Friday for assembly, so go figure! I declined a couple of times before he finally talked me round.  I can’t remember the story I wrote now, I have a vague recollection it was about a bullied fairy.  I’d pretty much forgotten about it when I was told I’d won and my prize was a parker pen.  From then on I was always writing short stories, or starting to write a full book.  I’d have been about ten years of age.

As I grew up I was accused of having my head in the clouds on more than one occasion, and the phrase “get a proper job” was bounded around more than once.  This was usually on the back of me saying I wanted to act/dance/work in television/work in the music industry/write etc.  So after a few false starts I became a nurse.  My creative side was never far away though, I still secretly wrote even if my confidence was all but gone. And then seven years ago, I started my first blog.  Hothmog’s Opinions.  It was an outlet for my anger that I was feeling from anxiety and bouts of depression.  The sheer terror that I felt when I first hit that publish button!  And then from there I created Daydreams and Pretty Things and just as I was experiencing some limited success, I hit the self-destruct button.  From the ashes came Mish Mash Blogs, which is pretty much what it remains.  I write a blog when I want to and I write about anything and everything.  I guess if I had to pick a niche though it would be lifestyle.

For the last few months I’ve been writing a romance novel that I hope will see the light of day.  Last year I received such great words of encouragement, that it has finally given me the courage to pursue something I’ve wanted to do forever.  I’ve decided to write a diary this year, to document my complete writing journey.  Whether I have success or failure, whatever the outcome I’m going to document it.  As it stands now I have the bare bones of my novel complete.  It’s quite short on words, the start is quite long and then the events happen quite quickly after that so I need to stretch some bits out.  I’m also going to write a screenplay alongside it, just to experiment.  I’ve finally settled on a working title, whether that now stays or gets changed again we’ll see.  It’s changed several times along the way.

So that’s the main goal for 2019.

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