My Summer Face 2018!


Just after christmas, I suddenly started to really hate the feeling of a full face of makeup.  So I paired my routine right back, and it’s actually done me very well in the recent hot weather. 

My skin last year was not great, not helped by me being really lazy with my skin care.  I had numerous outbreaks, dry spells and at times downright sore eczema.  So in the New Year I went back to basics.  I dialled back my use of retinol to every other night and swapped some things out. Eventually my skin started to improve, but at the same time I really started to dislike wearing a full face of makeup.

I think there are several reasons for this.  Firstly, my eyes have become super sensitive to all sorts of makeup I could wear without a problem before.  L’Oreal mascara is a definite no-no for me at the moment unless I want to look like there is no way back from Thanos’s finger snap!  I started to wear really minimal makeup (and even no make up) and the surprising thing was no one ran away in horror.  In fact the first couple of days I wore it, loads of people commented on how glowy and pretty my makeup was.  So this is what I’ve been wearing.

My go to daily moisturizer is Nivea Essentials Day Cream for Sensitive/Dry skin.  I love this and it’s such a bargain.  It’s often on offer somewhere, so when it is I stockpile.  It does have a spf in it as well, but it’s not good enough for the summertime.

I’ve then been using the No.7  Skin Illuminator.  I find this gives me a really subtle glow and really lifts my complexion, especially on the days when it’s a bit flat and grey looking.


Something else that is cheap as chips is the Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser.  Mine is in the old packaging as I’ve had this ages. It is a little on the sheer side, so sometimes I add just a drop of whatever foundation is to hand to give it a more oompf.  It stays moderately well.  I’d definitely have to refresh it if I was going out in the evening for instance.  But for £2.99 you can’t go wrong.

Natural-Collection-Tinted Moisturiser


I love these little Colour Tattoo pots from Maybelline.  The one that I use most is the creamy beige.  You can really sheer it out as I do, or you can build it up for a stronger look.  If I’m using it for an evening look, it’s so easy to do a quick smokey eye.  I also really love the On and On Bronze!


For mascara I’ve been using  Maybelline Lash Sensational. I don’t absolutely love it but it doesn’t make my eyes water. For day use it’s fine.  I do usually like my eyelashes to be quite defined, so if anyone knows of a mascara that is great for sensitive eyes let me know!


I’ve been using this I Love MakeUp Blushing Hearts. This one is Candy Queen.  It has a little shine in it, so you don’t necessarily have to add a highlighter either.  I wear it quite high up on my cheek bones, not quite 80’s style but almost! It’s a really pretty summer colour.


For my lips I’ve been wearing this Rimmel Oh my Gloss!  I’m not sure what the colour of this one is as I’ve had it a while and it’s rubbed off.  On me it doesn’t have much sticking power, and I do have to reapply quite often.  I like that it’s quite sheer and gives just a hint of colour and shine on the lips.


For concealer, I’ve been trying to go without and embrace my natural look.  Albeit that look be battle worn mother of 5.  However on days when I’m not so brave I’ve just been using a small amount of the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer.  I find it gives me just enough coverage to give me a slightly fresher look for the day.


So that’s my basic face!  All really affordable make-up and it just gives a really lovely summer look.  Let me know what your go to faves are for the summer.


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