Life is about to change!

Well I say that,  I mean hopefully it’s about to change references pending!  A few weeks ago I went for an interview and  really have put all my eggs in one basket! And here is why.

Those of you who have stuck with this blog, and read Daydreams and Pretty Things, will know that I have been dithering about what to do with my career for a while.  Last September my youngest boy started school full-time, and a few months previously we had bought a house that needed significant renovation.  For much of last year I wasn’t in the best place mentally for a variety of reasons, so I didn’t increase my hours which was the original plan.  So here we are, we haven’t really achieved much in the house and I’m not working all that much.

In the first part of the year a few things happened that gave me a bit of a wake up call.  They were not necessarily things that happened to me, but happened to people around me.  Watching those people struggle with sudden loss, a sudden change of circumstances gave me a bit of a kick up the derriere!  I decided that if I wanted to get the house done we needed more money, and more money meant more hours.

So it made me face up to what I’d been putting off for years.  And I mean a lot of years.  I started to apply for jobs both in the private sector and NHS.  To be honest I never expected to get an NHS interview after being out of it for so long.  So when the interview came through I was so nervous but equally excited.  When the call came to offer me the position it took a few minutes for it all to sink in.

After the initial excitement, reality sets in.  Will my references be ok etc?  I admit that my sickness record this year has not been the best.  I made a mistake going back onto nights, and life and child shared illness has got in the way several times.  But as far as I’m aware I have not committed any great faux pas so fingers crossed my references will be ok!

I am anxious about starting a new position and facing new challenges, but overall I think it will be good for me!  There are so many reasons why this IS a good opportunity for me, I can get my teeth back into a career and I can have something to work towards.  My why is there a part of me that feels slightly negative?  Is it a fear of the unknown?  Is it stepping back into the NHS?  Child care issues?  Thankfully this is only about 10% of me that feels like that, the other 90% feels invigorated and excited.

With this job brings more money and more opportunity to take the house forward and do the things we need to do.  AND it will give me more time to blog!

Hope you have all had a lovely summer, will soon be chr………. 😉


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