Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

Last Friday we had a family evening out and went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  Here’s what we thought.

We are big Jurassic Park/World franchise fans, and so we were really looking forward to seeing this next installment.  The heavy promotion of the film had whipped up a fair bit of excitement in our house, especially amongst our younger members.

As stated previously the film has been heavily promoted, especially focussing on the fact that J A Bayona directed it.  Now if you are like me, and just like watching films that name probably doesn’t mean a huge amount to you.  However, he is quite renowned in horror circles.  I’d heard the film was quite dark and not quite in the same vein as it’s predecessor, which did worry me a little given that my 6 year old was desperate to see it.

The film is rated in the UK as a 12A.  I think this is appropriate, especially if you have already exposed your children to slightly more mature content.  We took our 6-year-old and although he was scared in places, he did keep saying the film was amazing.  The only thing I’d say is the language is a little more fruity than the last film.  My little chap did whisper to me at one point “Owen is saying a lot of swears!” I think if your child hasn’t seen any of the previous films or hasn’t been exposed to slightly more mature films, this may be a tough one to start with.

The general plot of the film is that Isla Nublar is about to explode into a big ball of hot lavery ..well….lava! Claire is recruited to get the dinosaurs off the island by Benjamin Lockwood, and she in turn recruits Owen.  They then fly to the island and the rest is lots of dinosaur action, big explosions, dinosaurs eating people and a bit more dramatic action.

If I’m being honest, I have mixed feelings about the film.  Does it bring anything new to the table? Not really.  Does it have a ground breaking storyline? No.  Is it entertaining? Mostly!  The last film very much focussed on Owen’s story, however this film focusses more on Claire and her character development.  We are not told much about what has happened in the 3 years that have passed between the two films, however we are given just enough titbits to allow us to do that.  What lets it down in places it that it re-uses so much of what has gone before in previous films, that it almost turns into a caricature of itself.  Although I am not a great fan of 3D films, we did see this one in 3D.  Some of the underwater photography is just absolutely stunning and worth the 3D alone.

The film has a few jump scare moments and takes you on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  One scene in particular had me with a lump in my throat and my little chap coming for a reassuring cuddle.  Come back and tell me which scene you think it was!  The few interesting plot surprises happen mainly towards the end of the film.  The film also hints at political agendas and the ethical dilemma of how we treat cloned or artificially intelligent beings.

On the whole the film is ok.  Definitely not as good as Jurassic World but still worth a trip to the cinema to watch!




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