Why I came back to blogging!


The short answer is, I missed it.  However, the short answer doesn’t make for much of a blog does it?  

A few people have asked me what has made me return to blogging.  Here is a bit of an explanation.  I quit, rather impulsively, about a year ago.  Blogs became very infrequent and I lost my passion for writing/blogging.  Before I really get into this blog I just want to apologise to former readers of Daydreams and Pretty Things.  Some of the content here in this blog will be the same as my last post, but there is some additional stuff.

Before Daydreams and Pretty Things, came Hothmog’s Opinions.  This was a cathartic outlet, where I wrote lengthy opinion pieces.  Or just a good old rant.  Then came along  Daydreams and Pretty Things which was predominantly a beauty blog.  It became clear fairly quickly that whilst I love make up, I didn’t love it enough to write about it long term.  This was probably the biggest lesson I learnt whilst on my hiatus.  Passion for what you are writing, or indeed writing about, is so important.  When I started Daydreams and Pretty Things I read over and over, that for your blog to be successful you needed a niche.  Hence why I started with beauty.  However very quickly I started to suffer with imposter  syndrome.  There were many well established beauty blogs, with huge readerships.  I felt intimidated and I got sucked into the numbers game. These people had been at it years, and here I was, blogging for 5 minutes in relative terms.  I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t gathering a huge following and  having large daily visit numbers.  I didn’t appreciate that these are things you have to build up slowly and over time. I wanted 6000 Twitter followers yesterday, I didn’t see the value in having 10 or 100 loyal readers who read every blog you write and publish. Which was probably a lot of blogging naivety on my part.  Not not probably, totally.

Another mistake I made was I tried to copy other people.  Instead, I should have just done what I wanted and created my own identity.  As the old saying goes, you do you.  Let’s be clear, in some ways I did. I bucked against the black and white blogs that were/are all the rage, I wanted mine to be soft and flowery.   Which it was/is.

The whole blogging to a niche started to grind me down also after a while.  I wanted to blog about a wide variety of things.  I wanted to voice my opinion and start a discussion about various news items, I wanted to tell people about learning how to crochet, I wanted to talk about mental health issues.  I was always really concerned because I’d marketed myself as a beauty blog,  not really a lifestyle as such.  So I tried to move it more towards lifestyle and still felt as if I was all over the place as it were.

Also with Daydreams and Pretty Things, towards the end I felt as if I’d been too candid.   I felt I’d written things that could, and probably would, come back and bite me on my large bottom.  So one day, I just hit the delete button.  In hindsight I should have just removed/hidden the content I was concerned about and carried on.   At first it was a relief, I didn’t feel beholden to a blog anymore but day to day I was seeing and reading things that I kept thinking “ooh that will make a good blog post” and it eventually got the better of me and here I am …again!

Blogging is a great way of documenting life I guess,  and expressing opinion.  Which I understand is not always welcome or shared!  It does open lines of communication and discussion which I missed.

Like I said at the start, I realise I’ve repeated some of what I posted in my last blog on Daydreams and Pretty Things, so if you read that I’m sorry for repeating content.  However, new readers or bloggers might find this information a teeny bit interesting.  I hope so anyway.

See you next time!

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