Footner Exfoliating Socks!

Given our recent beautiful weather here in the UK, it’s time to get the sandals out!  If like me you neglect your feet, then read on!

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Confession time!  I neglect my feet.  Terribly!  Without fail every year as soon as the sun comes out I lament at having not prepared my feet.  So this year I was a bit more pro-active.  I had seen a few reviews of the Footner Exfoliating socks and the associated pictures (not for the faint hearted!) I decided that I’d give them a go, even if it was just for the satisfaction of being able to pick skin!

On my first go I thought it had all gone terribly wrong.  I’d had a bath before using the socks, and soaked my feet for an hour as per instructions.  However, three days later and nothing was happening at all.  Waking up on the fourth day and I noticed that I had some peeling on the top of my feet, but I only had minimal shedding.  Not great reems of skin as some of the pictures show.  My feet only really peeled for about 48 hours and then they were just dry.

I read a few more blogs about them to see if other people had had the same result.  It seems most people had huge amounts of peeling, but all said that one session wasn’t really enough.  So I ordered anothe pair hoping for a better result.

This time I was bingeing 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and actually had them on for a little bit longer than you are supposed to.  I don’t actually recommend this because my feet did really dry out and my heels cracked.  This resulted in a few painful days! However on day fouronce again my feet started to peel.  Now something I hadn’t done previously, and missed on the instructions, is that you are supposed to soak your feet every day.  I found the shower wasn’t enough, so I soaked my feet every night in a bowl.  Don’t moisturise your feet, just dry them off.  This time I had lots and lots of peeling, and they peeled for nearly a week.  I had a great result!


I do still have a little bit of dry skin around my heels and edges of my feet, but I’ve carried on soaking them most nights.  I also make sure a slather something like Flexitol Heel Balm on them and keep socks on for a while.  I have ordered another pair of the exfoliating socks in the hope that they will get rid of these final dry areas.

Then I think I will finally have princess like little trotters rather than the gnarly feet of a golden eagle!

P.S I saved you the utter horror of pictures of my feet!


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