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All reviews appearing on this blog will be honest, written in my own words and my own opinion.  Where I have been sent compensation for a review, whether it’s the products themselves or other forms of compensation, full disclosure will be given.  All posts will be marked with *Ad or made clear in some other way.  Please ensure you read, in full, my Privacy and Cookie Policies.

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Most of the photographs and pictures on this blog are created by me.  Therefore anyone wishing to use the images requires my permission.  When using photographs not taken my myself, I will always endeavor to obtain permission.  If I have used your photograph and not credited please do contact me and I will rectify this immediately.

Work with Me


Mish Mash Blogs concentrates on all things Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle and Beauty.  If you would like to work with me please contact me at Michelle@MishMashBlogs.co.uk.  I believe in producing quality content that is relatable, and coming from a nursing background I believe I understand people.  I promote across Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.  I also have a Facebook page which I am working hard to grow.