Christmas Countdown begins!

I’m going to whisper the word so you don’t get too freaked out, but I’ve started to prepare for christmas.

Some of you maybe thinking “OMG it’s far too early!!” However, I have a large family and I really don’t want to be arriving at the 25th December, a hot stressed mess.  I thought over the next few months, I’d document what I do to organise a large family christmas.

My christmas preparation begins on the last day of the summer holidays.  This year all my boys are going back to school on different days, so last Sunday we sat down and did our christmas wishlists.  This gives me an opportunity to see what they have asked for and start keeping my eyes out for offers.  When you have a large family, christmas can get expensive very quickly.  Doing these christmas wishlists early, also allows me to gently manage expectation.  This way we avoid any heartbreaking disappointed faces and tears from them and me!

This week I also review and make lists.  One of my first tasks after the previous christmas, is to sit down and create a google doc.  On here I list all the things I’d either forgotten or things I’d wish I’d done differently that year.  So for instance last year I forgot stocking hooks for the fireplace, so I already know that I need to get some.  I also noted that the boys could do with new stockings, so I know that I need to order those in the next few weeks/days.  I have also jotted down that my table runner didn’t really match my colour scheme for last year, and as I’ve decided I’m going with a similar colour scheme this year we will need a new one!  That’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking with it! Hashtag first world problems 😉

One of the other things  I start doing this week, is putting feelers out towards the family.  What are people’s plans?  Where are parents spending the season?  That way in a few weeks when I start thinking about food, I have a really good idea of quantities.

Whilst I’m not one of these people who like to be done and dusted by the middle of November, I do like to be about 95% done by the time 1st December hits.  That way I have a good few weeks if someone decides to change their plans, or one of the boys suddenly develops a love of something and I still have time to get a present.

So that’s it, my first week of Christmas prep.  When do you start?  What are your first jobs?



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