The Thing About Gary!

Like most people, I’m an animal lover.  I love how they bring so much joy to people and can be some people’s …

Thoughts About Twitter!

This year I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with social media as a whole, but in particular Twitter. 

A Tribute to Friends!

Long term readers of both this blog and my previous blog, will know that at this time of year I become quite …

Gone Viral!

No not me unfortunately!  However, I really did want to write a post about why people go viral, and what happens when …

An Honest Blogger?

Those of you who followed my previous blog, Daydreams and Pretty Things, know that I’m not shy about addressing uncomfortable topics.

Christmas Countdown begins!

I’m going to whisper the word so you don’t get too freaked out, but I’ve started to prepare for christmas.