Blog Promotion; retweet account list!

We all need a little bit of blog promotion, right?

One of the things that we as bloggers aim for is that other people will read our blogs.  For most of us, who dream of being able to make a living off of our blogs, we need to get it in front of as many people as possible.  One of the easiest ways is to get someone to retweet your link on Twitter.  If you are a beginner finding these accounts, or one that is a good fit for you can be daunting.  So I’ve compiled a list, which is no way comprehensive.  These are the ones that I see, and use, most often.

All of the accounts below are currently active as of July 2018.  I do have more but only seem to retweet intermittently or are not currently retweeting accounts.


  • #30plusblogs (for bloggers over 30)
  • #bbloggers (beauty bloggers)
  • #blogger
  • #Post40Bloggers (for bloggers over 40)
  • #BloggingGals
  • #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers)
  • #pbloggers (parent bloggers)
  • #mummybloggers
  • #gbloggers
  • #blogpromotion
  • #bloggers
  • #fbloggers (fashion bloggers)
  • #BloggersTribe
  • #ukbloggers
  • #thebloggercrowd
  • #InfluencerRT
  • #BloggerKind
  • #SundayBlogShare
  • #bloggerclan
  • #BloggersSparkle
  • #allthoseblogs
  • #LittleBlogRT
  • #bloggershare
  • #BloggerLoveShare
  • #TheClqRT (just to note that you must have 25k followers to join this clique)
  • #qualityblogRT
  • #BloggerBabesRT
  • #GoldenBlogRT
  • #TBloggerChat
  • #thebloggerscircle
  • #BloggingBees

It’s worth noting that alot of these also have Twitter accounts.  So if you want to use the hashtag, I’m sure they would appreciate a follow.

Retweet @ Accounts

  • @BBlogRT (beauty bloggers)
  • @FemaleBloggerRT
  • @LovingBlogs
  • @RetweetBloggers
  • @UKBlog_RT
  • @BloggersInTheUK
  • @UKBloggers1
  • @Bloggeration_
  • @allthoseblogs
  • @BFLblogrt_

As I said this is in no way a definitive list.  There are many regional, country and niche specific accounts that will retweet your blog.  There are the most common ones in use at the moment.  Hope you found this useful.  If you know of any others, please message me on here or via Twitter so I can add them.


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