All Change…Again!

Blogging is a funny old thing.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it, to be honest, but after a little website zush I’m hoping to be a bit more consistent.

I’m going to be a bit repetitive in this bit I’m afraid, but I’ll be quick! When I first started blogging with a free WordPress site way back when it was basically me having a bit of rant all the time. However, I was deep in the throes of anxiety, had 5 young children and we had recently relocated.  I WAS angry, but then after a while, I wasn’t.  That’s when Daydreams and Pretty Things was born, which was supposed to be all lovely and fluffy.  However, after a few years, it started to weigh heavy and seemed more like a chore to write a blog post.  So I deleted it!

I missed blogging/writing though, so I resurrected it under the guise of mish mash blogs, which of course it still is today.  However, this year I’ve really neglected it. Not for the lack of things, I could have blogged about though, but my blogging mojo just disappeared.  Well, alright it didn’t just disappear more of that it was deliberately shoved on the back burner.  It was for a number of reasons which I’m not going to go into, but the upshot was I didn’t really like the direction the blogging community was moving.

Anyway, on to the present.  If you read my blog post about me starting to write my manuscript and read my Twitter, you’ll know that is where I have been concentrating my efforts much of this year.  I am enjoying the process and of course, I’ve been continuing to read.  So when the renewal notices came through for my domain and hosting, I did consider letting them go.  I’m not ready quite yet though to stop blogging, and someone once said: “write about what you love.”   So after having a good old think I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to documenting my writing journey and also the odd book review along the way.

I’ve switched the design up a bit and got rid of the adverts.  They weren’t earning me anything and just looked horrid on the site.  I’ve sat down and made a little schedule, a blog once a week and there is still room for the odd personal blog along the way.  Which of course, this sort of is. A little bit of me wishes I could be a travel blogger, but unfortunately that’s never going to happen given I’m the size of a large small hippo and my bottom would block out most of the idyllic shot! And unless you count Rhyl as blog-worthy (no I didn’t think so) leaves me back at book blogging! Hopefully, a change in blog direction will inspire me both with writing my manuscript and also to pay more attention to my little corner of the internet!

So that’s where we are at the moment.  I hope you are all well and enjoying our up and down UK summer!


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