Adventures with Norovirus! Life Update.


So for those of you who are on my Facebook and Instagram know that it’s been a busy month in our household.  This included the Norovirus and a new job!

Regular readers of my previous blog will know that I’ve been in a bit of a career turmoil for a while.  After being around the houses a good few times, I decided it was probably better to stick with what I know.   I’d also read lots of articles that suggested that it is very difficult to change your career path once you get over 40.  Which let’s face it, is young in today’s world.  But the corporate world is still to catch up.  Anyway, around April time I decided I’d like to go back into the NHS, and so I began to apply for jobs.

In 2000 I was rejected for a post as I didn’t have enough ‘recent’ NHS experience, however at that point I’d only been away for around 3 years.  So when I was invited to interview a few months ago, I was not entirely convinced I was going to get anywhere.  However, to my surprise I was indeed offered a job in a day unit.  I really liked the Nurse who showed me around, and the unit itself seemed really interesting.  So I made the decision to accept the job.

Week beginning 18th September was where it started to go all a bit wrong.  During the course of this week the boys were off here and there with various sniffles and one with a bit of school refusal. I hadn’t really been able to get much done around the house and I was conscious of the fact that I was starting a new job and had a 2 week induction that was pretty much full-time!  On Friday of that week, Son Number 2 came home from school looking quite pale.  He pretty much laid on his bed all afternoon and was super quiet, which on another day would have been a miracle!  He did eat his tea, but later that evening started to be vomit.  He was sick on and off during the evening, Saturday he was sleepy but no more vomiting.  By Sunday he seemed to be on the mend.  I hoped that it was the end of it.

Week beginning 25th.  I had a lot planned for this week.  I was starting my induction the following Monday.  I wanted to deep clean the house, catch up with my washing and ironing etc.  However, best laid plans and all that.  On the Sunday evening my littlest chap started to complain that he was feeling sick.  I took it with a bit of a pinch of salt as he isn’t schools biggest fan and I thought he might be trying to swing the lead a bit.  However, he decided to prove me wrong by reenacting a scene from the Exorcist.  His lasted slightly longer than the 12 hours of Boy 2.  He slept a lot, and had quite a high temp.  Calpol and Nurofen were pointless because he just didn’t seem to be able to tolerate anything in his tummy.  We managed to get to Wednesday with no one else seemingly coming down with the bug.  I was relieved because these things do usually sweep around our house.  However…!  On Wednesday evening Boy 3 came home from school.  He said he had a headache, so I asked him how much he’d had to drink that day.  He is notorious for not drinking a huge amount during the day, he said not much so I told him to get a drink and go and rest on his bed.  About an hour later he comes down, looking really pale.  Yep you’ve guessed it, he’d joined the chunder train.  I donned my rubber gloves and armed with disinfectant I set about cleaning up his room.

Not long after this I started to feel a bit nauseous myself, but I put that down to having to scrub a room.  I can deal with most bodily stuff but vomit is the one thing I really struggle with.  Even as a nurse!  I didn’t eat tea, my head started to pound and before I knew it I had also joined in.  I felt absolutely terrible! And then even later that evening Boy 1 joined in.  The next evening Boy 4 also joined in.  My Husband was literally the last man standing.  We’ve had Norovirus before, so knew the drill.  This strain absolutely floored us all though.  We all felt so poorly and I didn’t get out of bed for 2 days.  By this time I was also panicking that I wasn’t going to be well enough for induction on the Monday.  By the weekend it had pretty much passed for us all, but had left us all feeling a bit flat.

Week beginning 2nd October.  The beginning of a two-week induction and my birthday week.  Still feeling slightly nauseous and incredibly nervous I started my induction.  I am new to this style of induction, it wasn’t a thing when I left the NHS nearly 17 years ago.  My birthday pretty much passed without me noticing.  In fact the whole week did!

Week beginning 9th October.  Second week of induction and yet more sickness. I had another full week of induction.  As I said this style of induction is a new thing to me, and has left me with slightly mixed feelings.  I’m not going to go into that here, I’m not sure it’s appropriate but I guess any of you who have had these formal type inductions, know where I’m coming from.  On Tuesday evening Littlest Boy started with an all too familiar hollow cough.  I think the sickness bug we’d had left him run down, so on going back to school he just immediately picked up a new bug which had caused him to have a Croup attack.  So he was off for the rest of the week, which meant my poor Husband had to work from home.  I’ll be working 3 days a week in my new job, and this constant stream of illness does leave me a little worried about how we are going to cover sickness and holidays.  I have to keep reminding myself that millions of women have this battle every week, and it is much more preferable than working nights!

So tomorrow I start proper on the unit.  I’m excited, nervous, apprehensive, worried but looking forward to the new challenges.  As I said I’m slightly worried how we are going to juggle the children but I’m sure we will work something out.  We don’t have a large support network around us, so at times things can get a little tricky.  Thankfully my Husband is able to be fairly flexible and can be as effective at home as he is at work, but that only covers so much!

Sorry for the slightly rambly post, but I wanted to get something up on my blog as I haven’t for a long time.

See you soon…


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