About Me

Hi, my name is Michelle.  I’m in my mid 40’s (for a little while anyway)  and I wear many different hats.  I’m a Mother of 5 boys and I’m also a qualified nurse.  I have been qualified for 23 years and trained in North London.

I’ve been a Mother for a little less, just over 16 years.  Motherhood hasn’t always come easy, and my eldest has Aspergers Syndrome.

I am not new to blogging, I’ve been blogging for around 6 years.  I previously blogged on a free WordPress account where I basically published opinion pieces.  Then I blogged for a few years with Daydreams and Pretty Things. This was basically I beauty/lifestyle blog.  I dissolved this blog for many reasons,  but primarily because I was struggling with finding the time to publish.  However, life has changed a little and I am now able to focus pretty much full-time on my blog.

I love writing, and have been writing a novel for about 20 years!  One day I’ll finish it.

Mish Mash Blogs likes to focus on all things Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle and Beauty.