15 things about me!

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I did a similar post with my old blog, but thought I’d revisit the idea for my newer readers. 

These are not the most interesting facts, unfortunately I’m just not that interesting.  But I thought this would be a fun post to do, especially as I’ve done a few deeper posts recently.  So here are 15 dull facts about me!

1. Dark places to eat.

This is a bit of an odd one, but I really love going out to eat in interesting, but semi dark places.  I know what you are thinking.  How can you look at the interesting things if it’s semi dark?!!  And you have a point.  It’s just how it is.  I do also love a lazy picnic on a warm day.

2. A bit of a gamer.

I’m a secret nerd.  I love to play World of Warcraft when life isn’t too hectic.  I’m a social player, and I’m probably not that good.  I love the escapism of it all.  I also love talking to people who have no pre-conceived ideas about you (unless you are the cause of a wipe in a dungeon etc) and you them.  I find the conversations can be really raw and honest.  It’s almost like a counselling session and then you go kill a few things!

3. I love watching cliché, sappy romantic movies.

The more cliché and predictable the better!  Oh and if it makes me cry, all the better.  But I absolutely cannot cry in front of people, because that makes me feel a bit silly.

4. White Horse Hill, Uffington.

I don’t mind admitting I’m not well-travelled.  However, I cannot see this place ever not being my favourite place in the world.  Sat on top of this hill, watching the twinkling lights with a blanket wrapped around you brings a such a sense of peace.  Of course interesting company also helps.  The only other place that brings the same sort of feeling is a secluded beach on a warm day.

5. Gin.

This is a relatively recent discovery for me.  This came hot on the heals of discovering that although I love Prosecco, it just doesn’t love me! It’s ok though, me and unrequited love are old friends! My particular favourite at the moment is Parma Violet gin and could quite literally drink it until my kidneys decided to leave the building!

6. Crochet.

So as well as being a secret nerd, I’m also a bit of a closet old lady.  I say that, but actually I’m nearer being an old lady that I am being a child.  Anyway, yes I do love a bit of crochet.  I have some examples of my work on Instagram under Blossom Cottage Crochet.  Go have a look.

7. I’m lazy.

This is one I’m not that proud of, but I can be seriously lazy.  I think some of it has to do with the weight I’ve put on and my anxiety, but hopefully this is about to change!  A couple of friends and I have decided to embark on getting fitter.  Hoping that will also motivate be to generally be less lazy in other areas of my life!  Having said that it’s not like I’m a coach potato all the time, I actually hate being bored and so am doing something most of the time.  Sometimes though that involves sitting on my bottom, watching a terrible film on Netflix!

8. I want a tattoo.

I know exactly what I want, but I don’t know where.  Getting the tattoo doesn’t worry me too much, I have a pretty high pain tolerance.  I’m determined to get one before my next major milestone!  I really would like a day of the dead type elephant tattoo. Mainly because I love elephants and at some point in my life would love to go and work alongside them.

9. I want to write.

I’ve mentioned it on my blog almost as much as I mention my anxiety!  I’d love to write to a living, even just one book out into the world.  But like most people, I lack the courage of my conviction.  I worry that I’m just not good enough, and I don’t want to feel like an idiot.  Got to love the human condition!

10. I love flowers.

One of my biggest regrets for my wedding was the lack of flowers.  I wanted flowers everywhere, but unfortunately they were just too expensive.  Having moved a couple of years into a house that needed (still needs) renovating, we are only just coming to the end of the garden bit.  I’ve missed the boat a bit for filling the garden with flowers this year, but next year I would like my garden to just be a burst of colour.

11. I can be a bit deep.

Earlier today I posted something on Instagram, an alleged quote from Heath Ledger about asking the superficial questions but never the deep questions.  I am one of the people who is likely to ask you that question.  I mean I wouldn’t necessarily jump right in with “are you happy?”  but if I do enquire what someone’s job is I will ask something like “what made you go into that profession?” or “do you enjoy it?” Then if I think you are open to it, it gets deeper!

12.  I don’t like package holidays.

Some of that is because they work out so expensive with having 5 children.  We tend to pick our own accommodation through something like AirBnB or Holiday Lettings  and build our own holiday.  We like a combination of beach/pool days and sight seeing.  To lay by a pool for days on end would be my idea of a nightmare.

13. I hate reality TV.

I did watch Big Brother in the beginning but it soon wore thin.  I can’t put into words really why I dislike it so much, and I don’t really want to offend a huge amount of my readers.  But that said, it really does make my brain dribble out of my ears.  It seems to me that many of the people who partake have the intelligence of a flipflop.  I think they are the worst kind of role models and I know if I had a daughter I probably wouldn’t let her watch them.

14. I love reading.

And not just books.  I read blogs, I read various publications on the internet. Given that my head is a very noisy place, I find reading really gives me something to focus on and I can tune out of my normally very loud destructive thoughts.  I usually read (going back to point 3) cliché chick lit, but I’ve been known to read self-help or deep books.  The only things I don’t really like to read is murder/mystery.  It’s just not my bag baby!

15.  I am slightly obsessed with celebrity.

But not in the conventional sense.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that there are some very (hella) good-looking celebs out there.  But it’s the psychology of celebrity that fascinates me most.  What makes people become obsessed with people they have never met?  Why do some people seemingly fall in love with someone they’ve only seen on a screen?  What does it feel like for the celebrity in question?  Is it claustrophobic?  You get the picture.  I’d love the chance to sit down with someone who is totally obsessed with a particular celebrity and ask them those questions..  I’d also like to sit down with a someone who is experiencing that level of adoration and fame and ask them the questions as well.  Although I have no desire to be famous (I’m too old now!) fame does fascinate me at a psychological level.

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