An Honest Blogger?

Those of you who followed my previous blog, Daydreams and Pretty Things, know that I’m not shy about addressing uncomfortable topics.

Christmas Countdown begins!

I’m going to whisper the word so you don’t get too freaked out, but I’ve started to prepare for christmas.

15 things about me!

I did a similar post with my old blog, but thought I’d revisit the idea for my newer readers. 

A Bucket Full of Dreams!

Recently an old university friend of mine celebrated her birthday.  We are typical Facebook friends, we don’t talk often, we ocassionally exchange …


Thoughtful Friday: Mobiles Phones

On a Friday I’m going to write about something that’s made me thoughtful during the week.  This weeks thoughts were about mobile …

Old Wounds!

Here’s a bit of a navel gaze today as I haven’t had one for a while! Old emotional wounds are funny things …